Now available: Birth of the Resistance!

Hi everyone:

I’d like to announce the release of the first book in my new series, ‘The Psychic Invasion’. The novel is called ‘Birth of the Resistance’.

I’m very excited about this series. It’s a bit of a departure, genre-wise, from my usual books because it’s an interesting mixture of sci-fi and the paranormal. Also, instead of a single protagonist at the center of the story, this time there are two.

Twin brothers, Dylan and Devon Norris, are the focus of the series and I think that it’s going to be an exciting adventure with these guys in the lead.

Here is the blurb. I hope that you find it intriguing:

In the shadowy world of espionage, America has gained a great advantage over other countries because of a small, unknown agency simply called the Department. Completely off the grid, the Department employs a unique cadre of agents to run its covert operations: psychics.

Training for these rare and unique individuals begins as young as fourteen. It is strict, regimented…and successful. Once they graduate, the psychic spies begin taking their talents out into the field.

Untraceable and unseen, these young people have been used to ferret out state secrets from hostile governments. They’ve been able to extract evidence of high crimes from mob bosses. They have even been used to uncover traitorous acts by U.S. citizens. All safely and covertly.

The Department has had free rein to make its own agenda, choose its own targets and pass along its knowledge to other government agencies surreptitiously, keeping its existence a complete secret. It has been a remarkable success.
Until recently, that is. Because now its small group of young psychics is being killed off, one by one.

After a close friend is mysteriously killed, one of the Department’s few remaining telepaths, nineteen year old Dylan Norris, decides that he has no choice if he wants to survive; he has to run. Only by disappearing can he buy himself enough time to discover who is targeting people like him and try to neutralize the threat.

The problem is that the agency does not let go of its assets easily and, if Dylan leaves, he will find himself running not just from an unknown killer but from the Department as well.

However, Dylan has an ace up his sleeve; another psychic who remains unknown to the Department; his twin brother, Devon. Between the two of them, they will embark on a journey to discover the truth behind the savage attacks on telepaths, and the mysterious group who wants to wipe them out.

* * *

If you’d like to take a closer look at the book, just click on the cover to the right of this post. I hope that you all enjoy this one; I’ve certainly had a lot of fun writing it.

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The Queen of Dragons is now available!

Hey everyone:

I’m pleased to announce that the last novel in the Tales from the New Earth series, the Queen of Dragons, is now out and available at Amazon. You can find it by clicking on the cover to the right of this post.

It’s taken longer to finish this book than most of my previous works and I do apologize for that. Wrapping up a series is a complicated task, especially when it’s eight books long. There will always be unresolved issues, or minor characters who get lost in the shuffle. And, as you may know, I write long novels. Brevity is not my specialty, nor should it be when writing epic fantasy. But this last story is the longest in the series. How to adequately wrap up almost ten years (in the series) of adventures in one book? I wish I knew. I did my best and I hope that my readers will be pleased with my efforts.

That being said, this isn’t the end for the survivors on the New Earth. I am much too fond of Tamara, Sebastian, Malcolm, Aiden, Liliana and the others to say goodbye to them forever. And there are a few new characters in this book who intrigue me as well. So we will revisit them some time in the future, possibly giving several people their own standalone adventures.

But that’s something I’ll leave for future consideration. For now, let me say how honored I am that many of you have come along on this journey with me and that I hope to continue to entertain you for many years to come. Have a safe and happy holiday season and I’ll leave you with this, the synopsis for the Queen of Dragons:

A decade has passed on Earth since the return of the dragons destroyed civilization. A decade of struggle for the remnants of the human race against dangers once only spoken of in old tales and legends. Battles won and battles lost. Friends and loved ones taken all too soon. Despair and hope in equal measure.
But now, thanks to the efforts of the only human wizard, Simon O’Toole, and a handful of mages and other spell-casters, the dragon menace has been all but eliminated. The survivors can start rebuilding their lives in relative peace on the magical world that they have inherited. Or so they believed.
But strange events tell a different story. After some mysterious objects are discovered in the desert, an elemental is killed by an unknown force, and Simon is visited by a being of incredible power, the wizard fears that the threat of death from above is still very real. And that the dragons may not be done with humanity just yet.

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Just a catch-up

Hey all:

I just wanted to make a post to catch up with anyone who is wondering how my next novel is coming along. Because it is the last book in the Tales from the New Earth series (but not the last story from that crazy world of mine), I’ve been taking my time with it. I do expect to release it before Christmas and I’ll do a cover reveal in the next couple of weeks.

Tying up loose threads isn’t easy, nor should it be, but things are coming along nicely. And as always, my characters continually surprise me with their life choices. When Simon O’Toole does something that I would consider foolish, I wonder where that comes from. Surely not from me! But I like to think that allowing the story to grow organically, as all of my tales do, keeps it fresh and unpredictable. At least I hope so.

As always, I want to thank the readers who have stuck with the series, and with me, over the past couple of years. Your support is what keeps me writing, and I truly mean that.

Take care and I’ll post again soon.



The Dragons of Bone and Dust is now available!

Hi everyone:

I’m pleased to announce that my latest novel in the Tales from the New Earth series, the Dragons of Bone and Dust, is now available from Amazon! This one has been a joy to write but challenging as well. My friend, Simon O’Toole, is a busy guy and keeps me guessing sometimes. If you want to take a peek at the book, just click on the cover to the right of this post. Here’s the blurb:

The Chaos lords and their servants, the necromancers, have finally moved to destroy the remnants of mankind. With the wizard, Simon O’Toole, missing and their numbers dwindling, the survivors have accepted aid from the secretive dwarves. They have retreated underground, hoping to find sanctuary from their enemies. But not all is as it appears and they may not be as welcome among the dwarven people as they were led to believe.
Can the last members of the human race actually endure? Can they take on yet another enemy, this one born of treachery? Or have they finally reached the end of their long struggle?

I want to thank you, my readers, for your continued support of this series. I think that book eight will wrap up Simon’s story arc, but I have no intention of abandoning the struggling human race on the New Earth. The paladin Liliana, the sibling mages Tamara and Sebastian, even the dwarven race led by Shandon Ironhand, all have their own stories to tell and I look forward to exploring several of them.

Take care,



Cover Reveal: Tales from the New Earth series, Book 7

Hey everyone:

Hope you’re all having a great day! Although I don’t expect the next book in my New Earth series to release until sometime in July, I wanted to show you the cover for it. I’ve been working with a new artist and he is amazing! I’m incredibly pleased with his vision and artwork and I hope you all are too. Here’s the cover. Talk to you soon,



Prince: A voice of my generation.

Purple Rain

Hey all:

Just wanted to write a quick note after the loss of a legend yesterday. Prince was such an amazing talent and I loved his music so much that I wanted to share one of my favorite songs of all time with you. Not only is his live performance spot on, but the video shows off his incredible guitar skills as well. Just click on the link above. Thanks for your time; and RIP Prince.



The Dragons of Argent and Silver is now available!

Hey all:

My latest novel in the Tales from the New Earth series is now available. I apologize for the delay but, as we all know, sometimes our best laid plans can go awry. You can click on the cover to the right to be taken directly to the book’s page on Amazon. Here’s the blurb:

Seven years after modern civilization fell to magic and dragons, the remnants of humanity still struggle to survive. All humans have been Changed by the power, but a handful have gone beyond mere physical changes and are able to channel and use the magic directly. The greatest of these is Simon O’Toole.
Once a middle-aged man stuck in a dead-end I.T. job, now he is a young wizard with the fate of the world resting upon his frail shoulders. But something has gone wrong. Simon seems affected by a strange presence. His personality has been altered and now his friends fear that he has fallen under the influence of dark magic. He has cut himself off from the world and refuses to speak with anyone.
As the only wizard on the New Earth and the most powerful spell-caster alive, without Simon’s protection the last of the human race may finally fall to the lords of Chaos.

I want to again thank all of my readers for your continued support. Without you, this world of mine would not exist. So I hope you enjoy the adventures of Simon and his friends as things get even more dire for them and the rest of the Changlings on the New Earth.

Take care!