The Dragons of Ash and Smoke is now available!

Hi folks:

I’m pleased to announce that the next book in the Tales from the New Earth series, the Dragons of Ash and Smoke, is now available at Amazon. Just click on the cover of the book on the right to get to the proper page. Here’s the blurb:

Simon O’Toole; wizard, Changling, survivor of the end of the old world, returns to the town of Nottinghill after an epic battle with a primal dragon, only to find it destroyed. His friends are gone, humanity’s hope for the future seems to lie in ruins and all of his efforts appear to have been for naught. The wizard is devastated. And then, as he gazes hopelessly around at the burning settlement, Simon hears a roar and looks up to see a red dragon diving at him out of the sun like a monstrous bird of prey. The gaping jaws spew a torrent of liquid fire downward and the wizard is engulfed…and knows no more.
Did Simon O’Toole survive? If not, who will take up the torch and lead the scattered remnants of the human race against their greatest foes? Is there anyone left alive who is powerful enough to take the wizard’s place? Only one thing is certain: on the New Earth, if the human race is to survive, then the dragons must die.

I’ve very much enjoyed writing this one. The New Earth gets more interesting every time I go back to it. I really hope you have fun when you jump back in as well. Take care.