The Dragons of Decay is now available!

Hi all:

Well, it took a little longer to release than I expected, but the newest novel in the Tales from the New Earth series is here! The Dragons of Decay is available at Amazon. Here is the Link.

And here is the synopsis:

The old world of technology has fallen and a new world, filled with magic, has risen from the ashes. Humanity, decimated by massive dragon attacks, is now on the brink of extinction. Those who have survived have been Changed, altered by the gods to enable them to exist in a world thick with magical energy. But a handful have become more and the greatest of these is Simon O’Toole.
Simon, once a heavy-set, middle-aged IT worker had been Changed into a slight young man brimming with power: a wizard. Trying to master his new magical skills and fighting to survive against the dragons that are hunting down the few remaining Changlings, the young wizard now faces the greatest threat of his new life. Brown dragons, led by an arrogant and incredibly powerful primal dragon, have invaded the land of the elves, one of humanity’s only allies. On the New Earth, the red dragons are aggressively searching for the last of the Changlings. And now Simon has to choose: protect his own people from the ravages of the dragons on this world, or travel to the elven realm to try to save his allies. He is only one man, faced with a terrible choice, and if he makes the wrong decision, it could mean the end of the human race and the rise of the gods of Chaos.

Thanks everyone for your patience and I really hope you enjoy the novel!

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The Big Reveal: The cover for my next novel!

Hey all:

I’ll be releasing Book 4 in the ‘Tales from the New Earth’ series before the end of July and thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the book’s cover.

Things are revving up for Simon and the other survivors, and the world’s about to get even bigger and scarier, so hold on and enjoy the ride. I hope you like the cover and please keep watching this space for the release announcement. And to all of my readers, have a great summer!


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