The Queen of Dragons is now available!

Hey everyone:

I’m pleased to announce that the last novel in the Tales from the New Earth series, the Queen of Dragons, is now out and available at Amazon. You can find it by clicking on the cover to the right of this post.

It’s taken longer to finish this book than most of my previous works and I do apologize for that. Wrapping up a series is a complicated task, especially when it’s eight books long. There will always be unresolved issues, or minor characters who get lost in the shuffle. And, as you may know, I write long novels. Brevity is not my specialty, nor should it be when writing epic fantasy. But this last story is the longest in the series. How to adequately wrap up almost ten years (in the series) of adventures in one book? I wish I knew. I did my best and I hope that my readers will be pleased with my efforts.

That being said, this isn’t the end for the survivors on the New Earth. I am much too fond of Tamara, Sebastian, Malcolm, Aiden, Liliana and the others to say goodbye to them forever. And there are a few new characters in this book who intrigue me as well. So we will revisit them some time in the future, possibly giving several people their own standalone adventures.

But that’s something I’ll leave for future consideration. For now, let me say how honored I am that many of you have come along on this journey with me and that I hope to continue to entertain you for many years to come. Have a safe and happy holiday season and I’ll leave you with this, the synopsis for the Queen of Dragons:

A decade has passed on Earth since the return of the dragons destroyed civilization. A decade of struggle for the remnants of the human race against dangers once only spoken of in old tales and legends. Battles won and battles lost. Friends and loved ones taken all too soon. Despair and hope in equal measure.
But now, thanks to the efforts of the only human wizard, Simon O’Toole, and a handful of mages and other spell-casters, the dragon menace has been all but eliminated. The survivors can start rebuilding their lives in relative peace on the magical world that they have inherited. Or so they believed.
But strange events tell a different story. After some mysterious objects are discovered in the desert, an elemental is killed by an unknown force, and Simon is visited by a being of incredible power, the wizard fears that the threat of death from above is still very real. And that the dragons may not be done with humanity just yet.

Take care,