Here I Go Again

Hey all:

I wonder if it would be beneficial for a writer to be a bit schizophrenic? Not that some of us aren’t, of course. But when I find myself working on three different books at once, it almost seems that there should be at least two of me. Ah well, perhaps not.

The Angelic Wars are really unfolding for me at the moment. Confronting the Fallen is being well received, happily, and my MC Christopher Wright is pushing me to tell the world about his next chapter in the fight against evil.

The third book in The Titan’s Legacy is humming along as well. Justin McLeod is just as impatient as Chris to tell his story. And I’m exploring a third book of adult fantasy that spans time from the very beginning until the present day that I’m very excited about as well.

Phew, that’s crazy stuff. But I’m loving it, honestly. And it’s thanks to you, the reader, that I’m hip-deep in my writing and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to all of you. Talk soon.