Dragons? What do you mean, dragons?

Hi all!

I wanted to drop by and talk a little about my next novel. I know there are people waiting for either the next book in The Titan’s Legacy or The Angelic Wars series and I’m thrilled that folks enjoy these series so much.

Be assured that I’m working on the next books in both series. But I also want to expand my vision and stretch myself at all times. So, naturally, I’m also working on a new series. Go figure! 🙂

As the title of the post indicates, my new series has dragons in it. Yeah, I know. What’s up with that? Well, I’ve been a fan of sword and sorcery novels since I was a teen, oh so many years ago. But I didn’t want to write the typical slogging through dungeons, hacking at monsters, yada yada story. I wanted an original plot and cast of characters. And I think, or at least hope, that I’ve found it.

Actually I began writing this story several years ago, shelved it for a while, wrote some more, shelved it again. etc.

But now I’ve finally gotten down to finishing the darned thing. It’s been a blast to write and I’m having a great time. Sometimes I think that a writer needs to step away from writing the same thing day in, day out, and start something fresh. Clears the head and, at least in my case, re-energizes the imagination.

I won’t give away details just yet, but since I’ve received questions in my inbox about the other two series, I wanted to let folks know what was going on.

So not to worry. Justin McLeod and Chris Wright are not forgotten and will continue their adventures. Thanks for all of the concern about them, but they are not disappearing into the abyss.

Take care and keep on reading!