On Writing Epic Fantasy

Hi all:

Just wanted to post a little something about my attempt to write epic fantasy, which is what my latest novel will be. At least, I think so.

There are so many different variations of books in the “epic fantasy” genre that it’s hard to really pin it down. But for me, epic fantasy is set in a world where magic exists. There is a protagonist who may start out as your average person and then, through whatever combination of luck, or skill, or, heck, divine intervention, slowly grows into a genuine hero.

Certainly that is the type of story that I have written. I’ve always been a fan of epic fantasy. From Andre Norton and her witches to Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern, any and all good works in this genre have captured my imagination through the years.

And now, with some hubris I suppose, I’ve set about creating my own alternative universe and releasing it into the world. It’s a big step, at least for me. Some would say that my previous works have all presented at least some aspects of epic fantasy and I can’t really dispute that. But it wasn’t intentional. I simply wrote what I wrote because I wanted to write it. Good rules to live by for any aspiring writer, I should think.

However, now I’ve consciously built a world, not too different from our own, but different enough and watched my characters grow within it. Is it epic fantasy? God, I hope so. But whatever others may think it is, for me it fulfills my definition of the genre, and that is enough.

I’ll be releasing my new novel near the end of this month (November) and we’ll see if my little dragonet can actually fly. Or it could flap twice and land headfirst on the rocks below. I hope not. I’ve loved writing this one, I really have.

I hope those of you who read it will love it too.

Stay tuned.