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A Writer’s Journey

Hey all;

So I’ve started a blog. Awesome! Just me and a bazillion others. Well, they say misery loves company, but seriously I’m looking forward to this next big adventure.
I’m certainly not new to the Net or blogging, but I haven’t been active for a few years now; what with living life, trying to write the “next big thing”, etc. But I feel that the time is now to get off my butt and plunge not only into the world of social media, but the world of publishing as well. So I’ve decided to do both. Yeah, let’s see how that goes!
My feeling is that, since I’m going to start publishing through Amazon and Kindle, I may as well have some sort of web presence. So here it is, my first post on my blog. May it lead to many more, and I hope to some insightful comments from not just myself but from others as well. Carpe diem!


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