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End of school madness

Hi all;

For a barber, and I suspect hairstylists as well, the end of school/start of summer holidays can be a busy time. Parents are bringing in their little darlings for their summer cut, teens are looking for the perfect grad/prom haircut and adults are getting the shag removed in anticipation of summer’s heat. It’s a crazy yet fun time for me.

And to add to the mayhem, I’m trying to set up my book for publishing on Amazon. Hell, I just write, but when it comes to e-publishing, you have to wear a lot more hats than that. It of course has to be shined up and made as perfect as possible…that’s a given. But then it has to be formatted and adjusted to make Kindle happy…fussy damned things, I can tell you!

Then you have to either buy (no way) or create (ugh) your cover. This is very important because a decent cover can catch a potential reader’s eye and considering that there are a bazillion other e books on Amazon, all vying for a limited pool of readers, this is a hell of a challenge. And for myself, a complete newbie at designing anything, well let’s just say that my frustration level on a 1 to 10 scale is somewhere around 37. But we’ll get there, never fear. After all, if I didn’t relish a challenge, I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place now would I? Take care!



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