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Ottawa in the Summer

Hey all;

Well, it’s summer time here in Ottawa and the one guarantee is that when it’s hot, it’s stinking hot. And anytime it hits 25C or more, the humidity  will be brutal. That’s just a given. But we spend all 22 months of winter (at least it seems to last that long) bitching and moaning about the cold, and the crappy salted roads and the snow/freezing rain/sleet/rain of frogs/whatever so when summer comes you’d think we would be pleased, right?

Not a chance. I’ve come to the conclusion that we Canadians simply love to bitch and moan, me included. About the weather, mainly, but we’re fair; we’re equal opportunity whingers. We complain about politics, our kids, the food, our health care, our parents, this hangnail, and on and on. And after a while, it all sounds the same…like home actually.

So today, as I cut customer’s hair and listen to them moan about the heat and humidity, I’ll commiserate; and try not to smile.



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