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Writing through the pain of Writer’s Block

Hey all;

Some people have asked how a person who is writing deals with writer’s block. You know what I mean; you hit a wall in your writing where your mind goes blank. No inspiration, no ideas, just some simplistic soundtrack repeating over and over in your mind. Mine is usually the chase music from old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

My answer is simplistic but effective, at least for me. Keep writing. Smash away at the keyboard. Write drivel. Write about your MC’s Mom, or his/her favorite hockey team from their youth, or that weird scar they have on their ankle. Write anything. But write. Because somewhere in the middle of that mess, something will connect in your mind and zing!, you’ll be back on track and running away with your story again.

Now, on the other side of that coin are the times when you are inspired. When the ideas are flowing faster than the blood in your veins or the sweat on your brow. You can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. Even though you have to get dinner ready, or you have to meet your bestie for lunch, or <insert real world problem here>. You know what to do then, right? Yup. DON’T STOP.

Never cut off your muse. Maybe you can only use ten percent of the stuff flowing on to your computer. Doesn’t matter. That’s what editing is for. The important thing is to write it down while it’s flowing. Because that writer’s block thing? Yeah, that’s waiting right around the corner. So write and don’t quit.



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