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Main Characters…where do they come from?

Hey all;

I’m always fascinated to hear how other authors create their main characters (MC’s). Everyone is different, of course. Some use people from their own lives; friends, family, co-workers, etc. Some use themselves at different points in their lives. For myself, it’s a bit different.

My MC’s seem to just walk in the front door of my mind, smack me upside the head and inform me that they have a story to tell. Yeah, weird. I know. But Justin McLeod, my MC in the Titan’s Legacy series, just appeared one day as I was wracking my brain over who would lead the new Titans in my story. Yup, all five feet, four inches of him. Skinny, scruffy, messy brown hair and the biggest blue eyes I’d ever seen. At least, that’s how I first perceived him. The same is true of all of my novels, although the order of appearance can be different.

With the Titans, I had the story laid out in my head and Justin showed up later. With my other novels though, often the MC pops up and the story grows from him/her. It’s totally random and, for me, keeps my interest and my enthusiasm high while writing the next story. Your mileage may vary. But however you do it, when you find your MC, or they find you, you’ve got the anchor around which your tale will grow. And I think that’s the most important part of any story.



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