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Well, Autumn is Here-ish

Hey all;

Well, it’s fall. Yes, I know it isn’t official until the third week of September, but honestly, once the kids head back to school, it’s all over for summer. I personally love autumn. I choose to forget that it’s the precursor of winter because, here in Canada, a long fall can be a beautiful thing.

The colors as the leaves change, the warm days and crisp nights, the geese sadly heading south for the winter. Sure, there’s a bit of a mournful air to it all, but it’s still a pleasure to experience. And as I add the final touches to my next novel, I find the season invigorating. Winter is a time of intense writing for me, mainly because I’m not a lover of intense cold, deep snow and colorless landscapes. But for right now, any time I need to clear my head or I seek inspiration, a walk in the colors of autumn is a pure pleasure.

So I’m putting winter on a back shelf until it rears its ugly head and I’m going to embrace this season. At least while it lasts.



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