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What Do Readers Want?

Hey all;

As a writer, I’m often asked questions pertaining to authors. What makes a good writer? How do you come up with plots or characters, etc. But I think a more relevant question should be: what do readers want? After all, we may write for the love of writing (and I would hope most writers approach their craft from that perspective), but if you are published, it would be fairly arrogant to simply throw your work out there and expect readers to flock to your book simply because of your perceived genius.

No, a writer who writes commercially should always be asking themselves how to best serve their readers. And I think what readers want is fairly simple. They want honesty. They want an honest effort from a writer. All they ask is that the creator of a work of fiction has done his or her very best work, every time. We’ve all read something by a favorite author and thought “Wow, they really mailed that one in”, meaning that the writer just threw the book together. Whether because of a dead line, or because they just didn’t care, the reader could tell that the writer hadn’t given it their best effort. Readers aren’t fools and they can’t be fooled easily either.

So if you want to write and release it to the public, think about your audience. Think like a reader. What do they want, what do they expect. All a writer needs to do is their best. Your readers have purchased your work. They deserve your consideration.



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