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Inspiration and where to find it (as a writer)

Hey all;

I’m fascinated by stories of how other writers are inspired to write. Sometimes it’s through personal experiences, both good and bad. Other times, friends and family inspire the author by relating interesting facts or stories of events that happened in their lives. It could be something as simple as listening to a conversation on a bus, or seeing a particular ad on TV or the Net. Inspiration comes in many forms and from many sources.

For myself, my inspiration for the stories of Justin McLeod and his adventures, as well as my upcoming series on angels fighting on Earth, comes directly from the fact that these are tales that I would want to read myself. I don’t believe in writing something because you “think” people want to read it or because it’s popular right now. Popularity comes and goes quickly in novels and today’s “big thing” is tomorrow’s trash. So I write what I want to read.

Plus, Justin and my other MCs (main characters) have a bit of me in them too. Like Justin, I was bullied as a kid; as so many people are. Back then, I sure wished that I couldn’t feel pain when I was tripped or smacked around. So maybe Justin is a little bit of wish-fulfillment on my part. The fun of being a writer, I suppose.

My point is that inspiration is fluid. It can and will come from anywhere. Embrace it when it finds you. Keep a notepad on you at all times and jot down your thoughts as you get them. It is so easy to have what you think is a great story idea just to lose it because you did not write it down. Most of all, be open-minded. Accept that you don’t have to come up with all of your own story ideas yourself. There’s a whole world of people and situations out there, just waiting to show you the way.



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