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Thanks to my readers!

Hi all:

I wanted to write a thank-you post to all of you who picked up my new novel, The Dragons Return. As of this writing, the book is 6th in Amazon’s Teen Sword and Sorcery category. I have to admit that that’s very exciting!

And, because of the popularity of the new book, I’m adjusting my writing schedule somewhat and putting out the next book in that series first, before I release the fourth book in The Titan’s Legacy series.

For those who’ve asked, yes, there will indeed be at least two more books about the new Titans, so fear not. Justin McLeod won’t be left to rot in that underground prison forever.

And I haven’t forgotten about Chris Wright and The Angelic Wars. His journey to Hell is on the horizon, I assure you.

But this post is about you, the reader. I don’t think enough authors thank those who read their works as often as they should. We may feel that we’re writing in a vacuum, but we aren’t, unless we’re writing for ourselves.

I write what I’d want to read, for sure, but it is for the reader’s pleasure too. If I hit both of those goals, then I feel that I’ve succeeded. So thank you for your continued interest and support. Have a great holiday season! The new year is looking bright.


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