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A Note of Thanks

Hi all:

I wanted to post a huge thank you to my readers who picked up a copy of my latest book, The Dragons Revenge. It has exceeded my expectations in every way and reinforced my belief that if you write what you are passionate about, it will resonate with your audience.

I love epic fantasy; always have, always will. World building (or in this case, New Earth building) is such a challenge and so much fun that the stories seem to write themselves. And yes, I know that’s a cliche. It’s also true sometimes.

Even though the book’s only been out for a couple of weeks, the response has been even greater than for the first book in the series, The Dragons Return. That tells me that some people were waiting to see if I was serious about writing a new series and, when they saw that I’d released a second book set in the same world, decided to jump in and begin exploring my work. I could not be more pleased.

I’d like to send a shout out to my readers from India. I had no idea that there was such an enthusiastic appetite for epic fantasy in your country, but I wanted to thank you for your lovely support.

The third book in the series is well underway. As I did for the last book, I’ll be releasing a picture of the cover and title a few days before the book goes online for sale, so I hope you like it.

Thanks again for the support from all of you. After all, if you write a book and no one reads it, you’re just talking to yourself. It’s much more fun to share.

Take care,


4 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks

  1. I love epic fantasy too… These books reminds me of online games I play where there are wizards, mages, dragons, and other fantasy and myths creatures. I always daydream of what would happen if our world is like these books you write. Now I can imagine clearly what it is, thanks to your books. Hope you can finish your next book soon! I love to continue reading this series.

  2. Good morning to all lovers of the magical worlds.
    Thank you so much for your novels Mr Thompson.
    I’m writing to beg you to get the next novel out in July. My mother has end stage lung cancer, and every day this month she’s asked me if the book is out yet; she really has.
    Her time is short and she has very little happiness in her life these days, and nothing to look forward to, but she was happy when she was reading the series (she wants her own Simon).
    Thanks again, and no pressure 🙂

    • Dear Elizabeth:

      First of all let me say that my heart goes out to you and your Mom. My father passed away of practically the same thing, so I understand how hard it must be for you, and the pain that your dear mother has to endure. Please, thank her for me for being such a loyal reader; I’m thrilled to hear that she loves the books but heart-broken that I had to learn about it now, when she is going through so much. You are being such a great daughter to her.
      As for the next book, my plan is to have it out this month, I promise you. But the editing process is something that is basically beyond my control. I will absolutely tell my editor about your Mom and that we need to expedite the process and we’ll hopefully have the book out sooner rather than later.
      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother. Stay strong and take care.


      • Wow, thank you so much for the kind reply.
        I will tell her what you said, she’s a strong willed woman and I’ve no doubt that she’ll stick around for the next “Simon” fix.
        Thanks again,

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