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The Dragons of Ice and Snow is now available!

Hey all:

The third book in my series: Tales from the New Earth is now online and available at Amazon. The Dragons of Ice and Snow takes us back to the world of Simon O’Toole, former middle-aged IT specialist, now young wizard.

It’s been four years since technology failed and magic returned to the Earth. Four years since masses of dragons descended upon the cities and towns of humanity and razed them to the ground, bringing the human race to the edge of extinction. The few people who survived have been Changed, made into beings who can live in an environment rich in magic. Many can use the power, but the only wizard to emerge on to the New Earth is Simon O’Toole.

Desperately searching for other Changlings to aid him in his battle against the dragons and their masters, the dark gods of Chaos, Simon discovered that a small group of people were living in Moscow, led by a paladin named Liliana. A meeting was arranged between them, but when the wizard and his elemental friends Kronk and Aeris arrived, they are attacked…by white dragons.

Now Simon is on the run across the desolate winter landscape of northern Europe, trying to escape from the dragons and learn if the paladin and her people were destroyed by the wyrms, or if they had set him up.

Here’s the link to the novel: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XNZW0VQ

I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of Simon and the other Changlings on the New Earth. And thank you all for your ongoing support! This series has been so much fun to write and it’s exciting that others are sharing in my world. Take care.


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