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I Just Published Two Boxed Sets

Hey folks,

I’ve just published two boxed sets, Volume One and Volume Two, containing all eight books in my Tales from the New Earth series. I thought that, with Christmas coming, this would be a great way to perhaps gain some new readers, as boxed sets are a convenient way for people to pick up an entire series, (or half of a longer series), for a lower price than buying each book individually. Whether anyone is interested is another matter, but it is my favorite series so far and I do hope that others get a chance to enjoy it. The boxed sets can be seen to the right of this post.

In other news, my third book in the New Earth Chronicles series is coming along nicely and should be out in another month or two, for those of you who were asking. That’s about it for now.

Take care,



4 thoughts on “I Just Published Two Boxed Sets

    • Hi Lettie,

      Yep, another book is in the works. Actually it’s overdue. I was hoping to have it released in January, but there’s been a delay. Still hoping for February though. but we’ll see. I’m glad that you are enjoying the books. Thanks for your comment!
      Take care,


  1. Hi, any idea when the third book in the Chronicles will be out. Do you think you would bring back Simon in a new series – he can take on the goblins.

    • Hey Russell,

      My next novel in the series will be out within the week. And have no fear, Simon is far from done, I assure you. Thanks for your comment and take care.


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