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Hey all;

Well, here we are…two days after Christmas, a day after Boxing Day. The madness is over for another year. Don’t misunderstand me; I love Christmas. But it’s the getting together with family and friends, the great food, the memories that I love. I am frankly sick of the rampant consumerism that has taken over what is one of my favorite days of the year. But it is what it is, I suppose.

However, I didn’t post to rant about Christmas. I just wanted to let you know that my first book in my new series is almost set to be released. I’m just putting the finishing touches on it. The cover has been chosen and is being produced. But I want it to be right so I’m running a bit late with my release date…again. I am sorry about that, but better late and good than rushed and bad, in my opinion. I hope that you are really entertained by this one, as I hope you are with each of my novels.

By the way, the third book in the Titan’s Legacy series is also nearing the finish line. I expect to have it out by the end of January, the writing gods willing.

I hope that you are having a terrific holiday and that your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be. Take care and we’ll talk soon.



One thought on “Update

  1. Just finished The Battle for Sanctuary, and im very excited to see how this will end, or continue. I know its only the beginning of January but i cant wait!

    Best wishes, steven

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