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My new novel is now live!

Hey all:

Well, it’s been a while coming, but my newest novel, Confronting the Fallen, is now available at Amazon. It’s the first book in a new series called The Angelic Wars. I’ve actually been working on this one on and off for about three years.

The synopsis is basically as follows…a boy named Christopher Wright loses his parents when he’s barely eleven years old. He has no other family and so he takes off, deciding he’d rather live on the streets than with strangers. Now, at almost fourteen, Chris is an experienced street kid.

About a year ago, he stumbled upon an old homeless man who’s puppy had been killed in traffic. The man was devastated and Chris, trying to comfort him, patted the little dog. And, miraculously, the puppy was healed!

Word got out on the street and a gang of thugs called Talon decided that they wanted Chris to use his power for them. Chris had other ideas and, over the next few months, Talon became more and more insistent until finally they threatened Chris’ life and he had to run.

He met a stranger named Judge Ethan Hawkes, who offered Chris another option. He could continue to run, knowing that one day Talon would find him, or he could choose to join the judge, like other kids have who share Chris’ gift. To convince Chris to follow him, the judge told him two things: 1) that his parents were murdered and 2) that Chris may have within him the soul of an angel.

Chris was naturally skeptical and became even more so when Judge Hawkes told him that if he did choose to follow him, Chris would be taking part in a war between the angels on Earth and the Fallen, angels banished from Heaven who have become twisted and demonic.

Now he has a choice. Chris can walk away and, maybe he should, because if they lose the war to come and the Fallen win, then the world will face the end times: Armageddon.

I hope you check out the book. Here’s the link: Confronting the Fallen

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



4 thoughts on “My new novel is now live!

  1. Absolutely fantastic! Great story, picked it up and didn’t put it down till it was finished. Can’t wait for the second book, and the third in the Titan’s Legacy.

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