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New Cover Reveal!

Hi everybody;

I wanted to leave a post to assure my readers that the new book is coming along nicely. I’m just getting over laser eye surgery (awesome), so that slowed me down a bit, but it should be out within the next several weeks.

In the meantime, my new cover is done and I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you like it.

argent and silver cover

I’ll do my best to give you a heads-up when the book itself is close to being published.

Take care and have a great day!



15 thoughts on “New Cover Reveal!

  1. The cover is AWESOME! Can’t wait for the new book. 🙂 My son is eager too – he’s 7 so not reading the books, but I give him highlights and he loves it. Once, when I was listing off the dragons in the order they were taken down, I messed one up and he corrected me! (Guess he really pays attention!) We’re huge fans, keep up the good work. ANd I hope your eyes heal really fast too. 🙂

    • Hi there:

      Aw, thanks so much for the comment. I’m happy that you and your son are enjoying the series. In the end, as a writer it is my audience’s pleasure that I use to measure my success. And I’m glad you like the new cover. Take care!


      • I, too, am anxiously awaiting the release! However, I’m also interested in your surgery. It’s one I have been debating for quite some time. How about doing like a sub-blog about it if you have time? I would love to hear how the recovery goes and if it really helped. I’m terribly nearsighted (probably too much reading!) with a pretty bad astigmatism and would dearly love to pitch the spectacles! On pins and needles for the next New Earth book, though. One of my very favorite series!

      • Hey there:

        I don’t really know why anyone would be interested in my experience with laser eye surgery, considering how common it is these days. But since you asked, I can give you a quick synopsis of it from my point of view.
        Like yourself, I was extremely near-sighted all of my life. I began wearing glasses at the age of eight, when my teachers realized that I couldn’t even see well enough to read notes on the blackboard from my desk.
        Since then, I’ve worn either glasses or contact lenses continuously. I haven’t done the calculations, but the amount of money I have spent on them over the years has been substantial. That certainly wasn’t my primary motivation for getting the surgery done, but it was a consideration.
        What I really wanted was the freedom of not depending on glasses anymore. Groping for glasses to see the alarm clock every morning, getting on a bus in the winter and immediately going blind as my glasses fogged over, being blinded by the rain or by sweat or…well, you get the idea. Those are the reasons that I really wanted to go through the procedure.
        Plus, the technology has also reached a level where I was fairly comfortable trusting it. Nevertheless, it was my eyesight that I was gambling with and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous going in. It helps that I’m as old as dirt though; you live long enough and nothing seems quite as scary as it did when you were younger. Or maybe that’s just me.
        The wavefront technology basically maps your eyes to an incredible level of detail. I highly recommend it. And this diagnostic tool tells the computer that controls the laser exactly what to do and where to do it. Amazing. And I chose had the Intralase SBK procedure. I won’t go into detail about it; just Google it. But it is awesome.
        The entire procedure in the O.R. lasted less than five minutes. And oddly enough, the most uncomfortable part wasn’t the laser itself; your eyes are frozen with drops and you literally feel no pain at all. What was uncomfortable was when a machine had to attach two suction cup devices to my eyes to hold them immobile while the laser made a precise incision to open a flap over the cornea. If you wonder what that’s like, (and you want to have nightmares) I think that there are videos of it on YouTube. I was way too squeamish to watch them and I trusted my surgeon, so I’ve personally never bothered.
        But that was the worst and it only takes about 30 seconds per eye. I know that because one of the nurses kept me calm by talking me through the entire process. She counted down each incision and it was oddly soothing. She was amazing, by the way.
        The laser resurfacing itself was pain-free and took less than a minute per eye. And I was up and out in a taxi less than a hour later. So in the end, the surgery was the easy part. The recovery was less so.
        I opted not to go with the monovision option, in which one eye is adjusted for distance and the other for close-up. This is done so that you won’t need reading glasses after your recovery. But since I’ve used reading glasses for years while wearing contacts, I chose to have my eyes set for middle and long distance. Fortunately you can go back later and opt in to the monovision procedure and I may do that one day. For now, I’m quite content with my choice.
        Recovery. Well, it’s different for everyone. Your eyes heal at different rates, or at least mine did. After putting in three types of drops every two hours for the first day, (yes, even overnight) you use drops quite a bit for the first week. Not a problem. But my right eye was stubborn and hurt quite a bit, like little stabs of pain, for the first month. On my follow-up visits with the doctor, he reassured me that there were no problems and that my eye was fine. And he was right. About a month after the procedure, the pain faded away and I’ve been fine ever since.
        This has gotten long and I apologize for that. Ask a writer a question and get a dissertation, I suppose. But in closing, let me tell you about the results of my procedure.
        It hasn’t even been two months since my surgery and I can see like a bloody eagle. My vision is 20/30 and apparently will improve a bit more. I’ve already received my new driver’s license in the mail without that X in the box that said something like ‘needs corrective lenses’. I wake up and look across the room and my alarm clock is crystal clear. I’ve thrown away my contacts and my glasses, except for my dollar store reading glasses. It was exhilarating! In short, I am free. And yes, for those of you who have never been tethered to glasses, it does literally feel like that.
        Now I can travel without worrying about losing my glasses in a strange city and being helpless. I can wear sunglasses without having to put contact lenses in first or using those damnable clip-ons. Etc. Etc.
        And that was my story. Laser eye surgery corrected both my nearsightedness and my astigmatism and my vision is now as good as it always should have been. I’m just sorry that this technology wasn’t available 30 years ago. But it’s here now and I’m a fan.
        Take care.


    • Hi Stephen:

      Yes, there absolutely will be at least one more in the series, possibly three. Sorry for the wait, but I am working on three series at once and it tends to slow things down. Thanks for the interest and have a great day!


    • Thank you. I, too, have been waiting for the technology to reach a level with which I feel comfortable or until I was old enough that long-term problems are no longer a problem. Your experience and the information has greatly reassured me that the technology is there and I suspect I may have a few years on you so the other is no longer an issue. Your story with glasses sounds very similar to mine. I want freedom!! The specifics you threw in are also helpful. I have just never encountered anyone who had actually undergone the surgery (or I didn’t know they had). Thanks much. Perhaps soon I won’t need my glasses to find my glasses when the cats knock them off the nightstand! I appreciate you taking the time to describe your experience so thoroughly.

  2. The cover for Argent and Silver is the best yet! Is this a precursor? Some visual foreshadowing? And the fans anxiously await the arrival…

  3. Hey j.j, any update on when you think you be releasing argent and silver?? I’m currently re-reading this series? Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey there:

    If all goes as planned, the new book will be released by the first of April. I’ll update the blog as soon as it’s available. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!


    • Don’t be sorry for the delay… and I’m also very excited I’ve been checking your blog every week to see if the book is out yet, which will be very short lived I find my self reading it as fast as I can because I get sucked into the your books. Thanks for such a great series

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