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The Dragons of Argent and Silver is now available!

Hey all:

My latest novel in the Tales from the New Earth series is now available. I apologize for the delay but, as we all know, sometimes our best laid plans can go awry. You can click on the cover to the right to be taken directly to the book’s page on Amazon. Here’s the blurb:

Seven years after modern civilization fell to magic and dragons, the remnants of humanity still struggle to survive. All humans have been Changed by the power, but a handful have gone beyond mere physical changes and are able to channel and use the magic directly. The greatest of these is Simon O’Toole.
Once a middle-aged man stuck in a dead-end I.T. job, now he is a young wizard with the fate of the world resting upon his frail shoulders. But something has gone wrong. Simon seems affected by a strange presence. His personality has been altered and now his friends fear that he has fallen under the influence of dark magic. He has cut himself off from the world and refuses to speak with anyone.
As the only wizard on the New Earth and the most powerful spell-caster alive, without Simon’s protection the last of the human race may finally fall to the lords of Chaos.

I want to again thank all of my readers for your continued support. Without you, this world of mine would not exist. So I hope you enjoy the adventures of Simon and his friends as things get even more dire for them and the rest of the Changlings on the New Earth.

Take care!



10 thoughts on “The Dragons of Argent and Silver is now available!

  1. Great book, very interesting and good change in the story from the dragons. But I have to say amazing cliffhanger which leaves me with more questions about the nature and level of Simon’s magical power, the number of minor Gods on the sides of law and chaos, the cosmic laws holding Argentium in check and appears not to hold the servants of chaos and there gods and the powers of the Gods on both sides due to what the elemental did at the end. I hope the next book is great as this one and the other books have been, and I am looking forward to it. Just to say I could not put the book down until I finished it.

    • Hey Tony:

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments, but my goodness do you read fast! The book’s only been available since yesterday! However, I’m pleased that you enjoyed it and I really thank you for the support.
      Take care,


  2. The cliffhanger is terrible. But really looking forward to the next one as well. One thing did confuse me though…


    Why did Esmiralla inhibit his magic? It seems the only reason for her to have done that is to allow him to be killed when the egg exploded.


    • Hey Leonard:

      Who can understand the mind of a dragon? Personally I think that she was manipulating him, making him more vulnerable to her influence and weaker overall. Or maybe it was to enable her to keep him away from his friends in Nottinghill Castle, friends who might have been able to think of some way of separating Simon and Esmiralla. I have no idea. That is for each individual reader to decide for themselves. Take care.


  3. Hey I just wanted to say it’s incredible how quickly you have written and made available these books, while not giving up quality and still producing amazing stories. As an author you have to be one of a kind.

    • Hi Calum:

      Thanks so much for the compliment. As a working author, writing every day and being productive is the only way to survive. You have to treat it as a job. Granted, it’s the most amazing, exciting, fun and rewarding job I’ve ever had, and believe me I’ve had a lot of them, but it is still a job. I always joke that there aren’t enough hours in the day for the amount of story ideas I have.
      I’m happy that you are enjoying my tales. Take care.


  4. I want to add another thank you for writing books fast and not letting us wait for a long time anxiously waiting the next awesome book of yours. i hope there will be a 7th book in the series since i am so addicted to these books now and so enjoy reading every night. i will have to read all of the series that you have written. please keep those great books coming.

    • Hey Ahmad:

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. Writing is my passion, but it’s also my job, and I try treat it as such. As a reader, it drives me crazy when a favorite author takes forever to write the next book in a series that I’m invested in (cough, Martin, cough). So I do try to release my novels in a timely fashion. The problem is that I’ve been remiss in releasing the next books in my other two series and I’m now working hard to correct that. And yes, there will be at least a seventh and an eighth book in the New Earth series. Take care.


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