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Cover Reveal: Tales from the New Earth series, Book 7

Hey everyone:

Hope you’re all having a great day! Although I don’t expect the next book in my New Earth series to release until sometime in July, I wanted to show you the cover for it. I’ve been working with a new artist and he is amazing! I’m incredibly pleased with his vision and artwork and I hope you all are too. Here’s the cover. Talk to you soon,



10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Tales from the New Earth series, Book 7

  1. Thank you, I am looking forward to reading your new book. The cover looks interesting but my favorite is still The Dragons of Decay followed closely by The Dragons Revenge.

    • Hey Samuel:
      The next book in the series is about halfway completed. I hope to release it this year as I wrap up the New Earth series in a few months. I’ll keep everyone posted as we go along. Thanks for taking an interest!

    • Hey there:
      Unfortunately, whenever I give a (fairly vague) release date on a book, it seems to get held up a bit. But it will definitely be out in the first week of August at the latest. Thanks so much for your patience.
      Take care.

  2. Mom asked again about the release date yesterday (my mother is the woman who has end stage lung cancer, I wrote you a note on a different thread that I cannot find). I told her what you said regarding the new release date. She said “I sure hope I don’t die before its out”. 🙂 She’s still got a sense of humor. She also mentioned that she wonders if she’s hanging on just so she can read it; I’ve wondered the same thing.
    Thanks (yet again) for taking the time to reply. You probably get inundated with emails from fans, so I really appreciate the time you take to respond.

    • Hi again:
      Your mom is obviously a very strong lady. I truly pray that she is with you a long time after the release date of my book.
      We are almost ready for launch and I’ll post about it here and to my email subscribers as soon as the book drops, I promise you. Best wishes to both your mother and yourself. Take care.

  3. I just wanted to ask the author here of the Tales from New series, which I have been reading and love so far, and just wanted to ask some questions of you of the series, which I’m doing here, since I cant any other way to contact you. I just wanted to ask is the 7th book series the last in the series? And the possibility of the whole series being released in paperback and hardcover, maybe even audible and audio CDS for the books, or perhaps even a hardcover and paperback box sets once the whole series is out? So far from what I can see, only the 1st book has been released in something other then Kindle, in paperback format, and I’m hoping to get this great series in print, in preferably hardcover, but paperback would be fine too, or both, thank you. 🙂

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