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The Dragons of Bone and Dust is now available!

Hi everyone:

I’m pleased to announce that my latest novel in the Tales from the New Earth series, the Dragons of Bone and Dust, is now available from Amazon! This one has been a joy to write but challenging as well. My friend, Simon O’Toole, is a busy guy and keeps me guessing sometimes. If you want to take a peek at the book, just click on the cover to the right of this post. Here’s the blurb:

The Chaos lords and their servants, the necromancers, have finally moved to destroy the remnants of mankind. With the wizard, Simon O’Toole, missing and their numbers dwindling, the survivors have accepted aid from the secretive dwarves. They have retreated underground, hoping to find sanctuary from their enemies. But not all is as it appears and they may not be as welcome among the dwarven people as they were led to believe.
Can the last members of the human race actually endure? Can they take on yet another enemy, this one born of treachery? Or have they finally reached the end of their long struggle?

I want to thank you, my readers, for your continued support of this series. I think that book eight will wrap up Simon’s story arc, but I have no intention of abandoning the struggling human race on the New Earth. The paladin Liliana, the sibling mages Tamara and Sebastian, even the dwarven race led by Shandon Ironhand, all have their own stories to tell and I look forward to exploring several of them.

Take care,



11 thoughts on “The Dragons of Bone and Dust is now available!

  1. My mom was having a terrible pain day. I just now took the time to check my email and saw that the book was out. She yelled “whoopee” my day just got better!
    At least if she’s stuck in bed, she’s got her Simon:)

    • I hope to put out the next book in the series before the end of the year. I also intend to wrap up the Angelic Wars trilogy soon. So much to do, so slow to type. Take care!

  2. Just about to start reading the book. If this is Simon’s last hurrah, I will be disappointed. I think most of your readers are far more invested in Simon’s story than the rest. I enjoy the interaction between Simon and his little elemental buddies far more than much of the other human storylines.
    PS: Looking forward to the next book in the Angelic Wars series and The Titan’s Legacy.

    • I’m finishing up my New Earth series with one final book and then I will be releasing the last chapter of the Titans series. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year or January at the latest. Sorry for the long delay and thanks for hanging in there with Justin and the gang. Take care.

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