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Just a catch-up

Hey all:

I just wanted to make a post to catch up with anyone who is wondering how my next novel is coming along. Because it is the last book in the Tales from the New Earth series (but not the last story from that crazy world of mine), I’ve been taking my time with it. I do expect to release it before Christmas and I’ll do a cover reveal in the next couple of weeks.

Tying up loose threads isn’t easy, nor should it be, but things are coming along nicely. And as always, my characters continually surprise me with their life choices. When Simon O’Toole does something that I would consider foolish, I wonder where that comes from. Surely not from me! But I like to think that allowing the story to grow organically, as all of my tales do, keeps it fresh and unpredictable. At least I hope so.

As always, I want to thank the readers who have stuck with the series, and with me, over the past couple of years. Your support is what keeps me writing, and I truly mean that.

Take care and I’ll post again soon.



4 thoughts on “Just a catch-up

  1. I already posted something about this, but I don’t know if it got posted properly, and I wanted to post this in your latest post. My questions are/were if the the 7th book is the last in your awesome Tales of New Earth series, but from this post, there should be at least 1 more book, so yay, can’t wait for that book, and more books set in this world from you. My other questions is the possibility of getting the whole “Tales from New Earth” series in print in both paperback and hardcover and especially hardcover someday, perhaps even some paperback and hardcover box sets can be released once that 8th comes out, basically what is the possibility of this, I love print, and was happy that at least your 1st book had a paperback release. Also maybe the books in the series can get audible and audio CDs, if not, at least I want the series in print, the series is great, and the covers look great, I would love to have them on my shelf. Also I’m going to look into your other books, especially the Angel Wars series. Anyways thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Eve,

      Thanks for your interest in the series; I do appreciate it. As you’ve already surmised, the 8th book will indeed be the last one of the New Earth series. Once it is out, I do intend to make all of the books available in paperback. I must admit that physical sales for many indie authors aren’t usually a priority, as most of our readers prefer ebooks. They are cheaper to purchase and easily downloaded and, when a series is as long as this one has been, buying hardcover or paperback editions can get expensive.
      But as I’m going to take some time off after this last novel comes out to enjoy the holiday season, I will devote a few days to getting the paperback production started.
      Thanks again for reading my work, and take care.


    • Hi Shane:

      I hope to have book 4 out early in the new year, hopefully before April. Now that I’m about to wrap up my New Earth series, I want to concentrate on both the Titan and the Angelic series of books. Thanks for asking and take care.


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